“One associates ensemble dancing in Bharatanatyam with dancers performing together but in physically separate  spaces, so the visual impact of the patterns created by the Vyuti team – as its six dancers, four women and two men led by Aranyani Bhargav, interlace, glide and flow across the stage – is breathtaking. Their innovations explore tradition with imagination and sensitivity so that every now and then a movement, even when picking up from the standard repertoire, opens up new and exciting possibilities. With precision and fluidity, the five dancers  create  a  filigree of movements which is enchanting.” – Girish Karnad, eminent Actor and Playwright


“It was my pleasure to be there to see a neat and beautifully executed performance . I loved the fact that you maintained the idiom of Bharatanatyam and incorporated the contact technique without it being intrusive.” – Minal Prabhu, Bharatanatyam guru


“I came to see the Vyuti show last Saturday and had a really lovely experience! I am coming from the field of contemporary dance and even though i do think it is important to show support to each other between the different disciplines of dance, I have to admit I often dont enjoy or understand classical dance so much. but with Vyuti, some how, i did enjoy and felt connected to the energy , the composition and the performers. I found the show energetic , lively, clean and well performed and with full honest intention. thank you for that” – Atalya Baumer, Contemporary dancer


“…I feel like a large audience feels left out from the classic arts and Vyuti is going to change that.” – Arya Vasudevan, Bharatanatyam student


“Eyes focused, spine erect, uneven breath, in complete concentration…no I was not back stage preparing to step onto stage. That was me watching the repertoire of Vyuti perform. Their performance last weekend at Shoonya was one that left me not just content but also excited to witness more of Vyuti in the future.” – Nidhi Suresh, Dancer and Student at Mount Carmel College


“Vyuti’s first piece was both energetically performed and at the same time well-timed with great co-ordination among the dancers, making for a pleasurable viewing experience.” – Priyadarshini John, Photographer and dance enthusiast.

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